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Hello and Welcome

Posted May 26th, 2007 by Jeff.
Hi, this is my blog. My name is Jeffery Moore, and I'm a web designer/developer working in Johnson City, TN. I love to take photos in my spare time, and that's what this blog will be dedicated to. I hope you see some pictures here you like. Feel free to leave me comments, but please be constructive.

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3 Responses to “Hello and Welcome”

  1. Jeremy M. Says:

    Hi Jeff, Your site looks great. Those photog classes have really paid off. I couldnt find an email for you on your blog so I had to post this comment instead. Please contact me through my work email. I would like to hit you up for some information. If it has been to long and you dont remember it, go to the Higher Ed Center’s website and find it (where we used to work together). I dont want to post it here, you understand…

  2. J. Herman Says:

    your photos are gorgeous. Of course, the next is a question not a comment: what camera do you use? The waterfall shots are beautiful. The photo of the horse and its young colt had amazing colors in it. good luck.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hi J,

    I use a Canon 20D. It’s not a best camera out there these days, but it’s not too bad still. Thanks for the comment!

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