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Abrams Falls

Posted July 8th, 2007 by Jeff.
This is a really nice waterfall near Mendota, Virginia. I can't find a source to back me up on this, but I've heard its height is about 65 feet. It looks about that, to my untrained eye at least.

Update: I'm told the falls are on private property and trespassing is no longer permitted, as of a few months ago.

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Abrams Falls

15 Responses to “Abrams Falls”

  1. adam sholes Says:

    Me and my mom are looking at your wonderful picture of Abrams fall. Anyway she fell of this fall back in feb 5 1979. We even have the news clip from it. She survived and is doing well

  2. Lenna Says:

    I love your photo of Abrahms Falls. I have one I took that is similar, tho yours is better. I truly enjoyed visiting there. I thought the trail getting to the upper falls was a bit treachourous in a few places and quite a workout on a hot day…. But I loved it. I like your other falls photos also and may someday visit those falls too. I hope to see more of your photos in the future.

  3. Kathy Raykowitz Says:

    I have lived in the Benham’s area of Bristol Virginia for about 4 years now and have heard of Abrams’s falls many, many times but, until yesterday (09/13/09), I had never experienced the falls for myself. Breathtaking view and well worth the hike in my opinioin; however, I definitely would not recommend this particular trail for the inexperienced hiker. It is rather narrow and treacherous in places and it became quite apparent to me why so many people have plunged to their deaths as I was literally cliniging onto exposed tree roots that were jutting out from the side of the hill in order to keep from falling. Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Kathy, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. You are right, it is kind of dangerous. I guess I should have said in my post that it was safe for the experienced hiker. Nothing caution and experience couldn’t prevent in most cases, but I definitely know what you mean. Beautiful and well worth it indeed!

  5. Jessica Says:

    I visited abram falls a few years ago & it was a breathe taking experience. On the hike I was very nervous.My idea of safety is not a century old rope that is stuck in the ground that you use as a climbing tool. I felt like disaster laid ahead of me any moment. After I reached the fall I thought to myself,”If I was to fall on the way back, even though it would be terrible, it was worth it. This fall is so beautiful and makes me wonder what else is out there that I have not seen & havent took the chance to explore. I visit the fall now at least once a year to remind myself that there is more to this world than our mundaine life. I bring someone with me each time, hoping they gain something from the experience just as I did. I would recomment this hike to anybody as long as they are in good health but be prepared & cautious.

  6. Joshua Hartman Says:

    I am planning to visit the falls. I am an experienced hiker and always exercise extreme caution when I am around waterfalls. What would be the safest route to this fall? I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  7. Jeff Says:


    I was informed a few months ago by a new property owner that the only route to the falls that I know of (which is using a trail that starts in the parking lot I used to provide directions to in this post) is on private property and visiting the falls is trespassing. I also was told that the local sheriff’s department would be patrolling the area. I was asked to remove the directions by this property owner. So, unfortunately, going there is risky. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


  8. Hugh Says:

    I was advised of the same thing, no trespassing. Back in the 90’s I remember a Bristol M.D. trying to drive his 4WD up that trail and rolling it. Lot’s of folks have been hurt to and from and at the falls over the decades (not to mention the copperheads and rattle snakes)

  9. ruff stuff Says:

    this place is VERY dangerous in my time out there trying to camp i have seen things that were very disturbing one night in 2003?? 2002?? there was a young boy fall from these falls and die unfortunately. and later into the night after police and rescue workers left we had a crew of robed men carrying torches stop within 50ft of us and wathched us never saying a word or did anything just stared for a while then on our next adventure while camping on flat spot across the creek and atop the hill we were there less than a hour when some maniac starting shooting down from the hillside on us and screaming like a crazy person in the midnight hours we ran like hell if we hadnt had our fill just yet we went back for a 3rd time in the day and walked around the mud holes towards a trail that lets u look across the canyon over to the water falls we passed a straggly man sitting on a cooler and staring at the ground n the middle of nowhere awhile after we passed him and were sitting on the ledge watching the falls and chonging it up we heard a gunshot he was as far as i know the only person out there but when we passed back by his cooler was there still but he was gone we waited but never saw him come back we left when night began to fall and went back 3 days later the cooler was still there and weve never heard a thing about a murder/suicide who knows but creepy as hell every other trip was just fine but you never know when you will encounter danger in ABRAMS FALLS stay out its NOT worth it!!

  10. ruff stuff Says:

    in addition to my story posted above the reason we remained there after police and rescue workers left is unexplainable that they did not say a thing to us we were camping out of a 78 f150 4wd sitting on super swampers witha camp fire very visible but were never approached by cops we were atop the hill after u cross the creek we didnt leave immediately after they did cuz we had been drinking but beer and pot doesnt make u see things that arent there and besides when we saw the robed men all buzzes were worn off by then almost daybreak when they mader an appearance

  11. ruff stuff Says:

    incase anyone askes the reason were were there after police left and not told to leave is a mystery they just never came up the hill and approached us we were not near the spot of the boys death

  12. Jeffery Says:

    Ruff Stuff — this all sounds strange, but I guess your point about staying out of AF is moot for those of us who follow the rules. Apparently it is trespassing now to go there. In any case it sounds like you had some very creepy times there.

  13. scouters mistress Says:

    My boyfriend and I just visited AF Tuesday this week (01-08-13) very beautiful, breathtaking view.

  14. Michelle Says:

    My 21 year old daughter and I hiked here on 5/27/17. I have to admit, I was terrified at some points of the hike. We were told by a neighbor of the property owners that we would be ok to go in, but be careful. After reading the things I have read today, I won’t be returning. I’m glad we got to experience the falls though and it sounds to me like it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience that was worth it. So glad we weren’t shot, arrested, or injured (or worse). The recent rainfalls made the falls so much more beautiful than the pictures I have seen on the internet. In our defense, we left no trace of our hike to the falls. As an avid hiker and nature lover, I would never damage, vandalize, or litter on any hike (or in general) and find that it’s a shame that people would do these things. Maybe the owners would allow people in to view the falls more often if people respected the land around them.

  15. Kimberly Moore Says:

    How have I still never been here?!

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