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The Devil’s Bathtub

Posted October 2nd, 2007 by Jeff.
The Devil's Bathtub is a cool natural rock formation located near Fort Blackmore, Virginia. It is connected to a swimming hole, and looks like a bathtub. Devil's Fork Creek flows down a rock chute into the 'tub. The water here was about 10-12 feet deep and crystal clear to the bottom, though we probably visited at the worst possible time (back in July). Our area has been experiencing a severe drought this summer, and Devil's Fork Creek is certainly suffering from it. A local camper told me the creek was down two feet, and I don't doubt it at all.
The hike crosses the creek a few times, but what we crossed was mostly dried up, and we hardly ever had to avoid water. We wondered if the bathtub would be dried up or too low to enjoy, but it was cool despite the creek being so low. I really should come back when the flow is better, though.
On the plus side, if the water were up, I probably would not have gotten to snap any shots of this guy:
He was huge, but this pic makes him look huger. I would estimate his diameter, with legs, would have been 5-6 inches.
Google Map
This place proved to be a little tricky for me to find. In order to get least lost, I would use the Google directions until I got to route 72, and then follow directions found on
"From the intersection of Rt 65 and Rt 72 at Fort Blackmore, follow RT 619 north (past Rt 653) about five miles to the intersection of Rt 619 and Rt 657. (There is an apparent swimming hole and rope swing at this bridge - but may be on private land.) Go left on RT 619 over a small bridge.
[...] from [here], continue on RT 619 for about another 0.4 miles, and turn left onto a narrow gravel road [...] beside a white house with a chain link fence. [There is a garage and then an outhouse on your left.] Follow this (very rutted gravel) road for less than .5 mile, keeping right when the road forks. (If, instead, you go left at the first fork, there is an apparent swimming hole just past the barricade at the end of this short road.) You will come to a dead end at a circular parking area.
Park here and, to find the trail, go up the wooden stairs (yes, stairs!) out of the circular parking area onto a forest road (there is a gate blocking this road.) This is Devil's Fork Trail. Follow it and, after about 0.25 miles, this road crosses the creek [...]"

Right after the creek, there is a yellow-blazed trail that goes left into the woods; follow it. Shortly you'll see a fork, which you'll stay left at. You will come to another creek; follow the blazes along it. It is about 1.5 miles of pretty easy hiking. It's a shame, but it looks like the forestry service has done very little to maintain the trail recently, with the yellow blazes occurring much less frequently than most other trails I've seen, and some of them faded. Just be alert and keep an eye out for the blazes and you will find the tub.

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The Devil’s Bathtub
The Devil’s Bathtub

7 Responses to “The Devil’s Bathtub”

  1. Lenna Says:

    The Devil’s Battub looks cool, but the spider…………

  2. Brad Stapleton Says:

    The picture above is not the Devil’s Bathtub. It is on beyond this about 200 yards. Take a look at my pics and you will see what it looks like:

  3. diane Says:

    this pic is not the bathtub. this is before u get to the bathtub

  4. Jeff Says:

    So, I’ve been told by the commenters about that my image is not actually the bathtub. I visited there during a severe drought and so the images I took here don’t appear as the bathtub normally would be, so I am not sure if the claims are correct or not. I do remember walking past this part and seeing a much smaller (and at the time, much less picturesque) rock basin. Is this the bathtub? I haven’t been back since, but I plan to. I bet it is great at this time, given this area has received crazy amounts of rain for a month or so.

  5. diane Says:

    yes the bathtub is made out of solid rock, it is pretty right now we went to it about 2 weeks ago

  6. lee Says:

    How deep is the devil bath tub ?

  7. Jeff Says:

    Depends on recent rainfall, but I believe it can be as deep as 8-10 feet.

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