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“Writer” Spider

Posted October 2nd, 2007 by Jeff.
Okay, so this isn't a Writer Spider. I'm not sure what kind of spider it is, but its existence at my friend's house was only tolerated because his wife saw this spider's web and his brother's web on the opposite side of the front porch and mistook their identities. She dislikes spiders but can tolerate Writer Spiders, lucky for them.
I was a little awed by the detail I was able to capture here. If you notice, he is busy weaving his web.

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“Writer” Spider

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  1. Rich Keller Says:

    Hi, it looks like either an Araneus diadematus or an A. cavaticus. The spikey parts on the legs make me think it’s a cavaticus, but I’m no expert. Whatever it is, it’s a great shot!

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