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Rhythm & Roots 2007

Posted October 3rd, 2007 by Jeff.
The area I live in is rich in history. Bristol, VA/TN is considered the "birthplace of country music", and is the town I live in. Bristol has a yearly festival called Rhythm & Roots Reunion. I only had time the weekend of R&R (my birthday weekend as well) to catch two shows, but I caught acts I've grown to really appreciate over the last several months.

The Avett Brothers - An awesome mix of alternative rock, bluegrass, and country. If you like Violent Femmes or any of those genres, check them out.

Ras Alan - This guy is amazing. He calls his music "Appalachian Reggae." I think this is an accurate description. As he played his acoustic guitar solo, I was allowed to walk anywhere, right up to him if I wanted. Amazing performance.

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The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers

Ras Alan

Ras Alan

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